Extraordinarily Creative

“Extremely Passionate” – “Extraordinarily Creative” – “Highly Skilled” – “Always Dependable”. These are the phrases that come to mind when I think of Jeff Butler and Butler Films. I have worked with Jeff on several projects over the last couple of years. He is not just someone you hire to do a short film, ad or documentary; Jeff joins your team and embraces the project with a keen understanding of the big picture. Jeff has consistently delivered our projects in a timely fashion with an effective end result that conveys our messages in a way we never thought possible.

Rob Murphy
Sunnyside Communities

Approachable and responsive

Jeff is excellent to work with and far exceeded our expectations. He is very approachable and responsive to our needs. Jeff's creative outside of the box approach has helped my company...I look forward to working with Jeff in the future.

Daniel R. Burns

So real

Thank you so much Jeff. Watching the video in HD makes it all so real, reliving the memories at the Vineyards on May 1st!

Sarah Nycum

I don’t even know your friends...

Ok, Jeff, truly amazing. Should I ever find the right guy…man, you are so hired. I don’t even know your friends and felt like I was a part of it too. Truly I am very impressed.

Elizabeth Griffith


Jeff, I LOVE how this video captures the joy of the day!! Thank you! THANK YOU!!

Olivia S. Burns

it was just perfect!!

marco and i have just finished watching the wedding video about 4 times, and i just pressed send on an email that i wrote to dad about the video. it was just perfect!! everyone who has seen it has been really impressed, and many have cried (including me, ha). and the music could not have been better- such an awesome choice!! how did you think of that one?!

anyway, thank you very much for making such a perfect and memorable video- we definitely made the right choice for our videographer!

Lindsey Englebrecht


Butler Films shot our wedding out at Amber Grove in Moseley, VA. We just received our Motion Portrait, and I’m crying at work reliving the moments captured on video. Jeff is AMAZING at acquiring the perfect moments and putting them together. During a day where emotions were running high and everything was a blur, it is wonderful to be able to look back and see the things we may not have remembered. Additionally, he is a sweet individual who is very comfortable to work with. Thank you SO much Jeff, for making our day wonderful.

Megan King Womack

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing in the happiness with us, and for your dedication to create such an incredible record of that memory.

Russ Causley