I’ve had the privilege of filming some significant things over the years: dinosaurs being discovered and unearthed; children reunited with parents who gave them up for adoption; people with intense regret over their participation in questionable events; even some closer-to-death-than-I-want-to-be kinds of moments and a presidential campaign. I’ve traveled around the world with folks looking to shape their future by re-discovering their roots.

We typically define ourselves by the really big moments in our lives. I think who we are as people is equally comprised of the smaller moments we don’t anticipate or don’t even realize are there.

Over the years, I have developed the skill to anticipate, capture and present these moments in what becomes an exquisite rendition of a life event.

Our own perspective is easy, but there is more to be found by a trained eye. Some good, some more difficult or unexpected, but all of them deserve a chance to help define who we are.

My passion is too find as many moments for you as possible; to be a gatekeeper of sorts for your memories and to help you be a conveyor of your history.

Butler Films has a studio in Elkton, Virginia, USA but I keep a current passport.

Find out more about me, what white people eat (?), and a quirky look at an adoption from Ukraine by watching the video below.

Jeff Butler

Jeff Butler

Owner, Lead Cinematographer

“This is me!” Watch a video-selfie below.

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